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Foot and Ankle Centers of Frisco and Plano offer world class solutions for bunion deformity correction. Our surgeons perform the Lapiplasty technique, a new system that corrects the entire problem with reliable, reproducible results that reduce the problem of recurrence years afterwards. Dr Tavakoli has performed more Lapiplasty surgeries than any female surgeon in the USA , having safely performed hundreds of these cases. If you are a patient who is considering bunion correction, please contact us for a bunion consultation. We will take X-rays, perform a comprehensive examination and provide an analysis of this complex deformity. Your doctor will draw the procedure on your x-rays showing you how the procedure is done, what results you may expect, what risks you may encounter and details about the recovery process. There is no obligation to have surgery, only an informative visit with a caring highly experienced surgeon to explain your options. Please contact us today for your personalized consultation.

Bunion Surgery