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Patient Articles

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Peripheral Arterial Disease Patient Education - PAD (Peripheral Arterial Disease) is a narrowing of the arteries that bring blood flow to the legs and feet. In late stages, it can be very serious resulting in non-healing wounds, painful sleep and walking, and even gangrene requiring amputation and early death.

Deep Vein Thrombosis - This complication is more likely after long surgical procedures, extended cast immobilization, or in patients that have a family history of DVT, or medications such as birth control.

Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome - Tarsal tunnel syndrome in the foot is equivalent to carpal tunnel syndrome in the wrist. The tarsal tunnel is a narrow space on the inside of the ankle next to the ankle bones.

Does Your Child Have Heel Pain? - Heel pain is a common condition affecting adults. Conditions can range from a more common condition such as plantar fasciitis to less common conditions such as fracture, bone tumor or cyst. However, if your child complains of persistent heel pain or has trouble participating in previously tolerated sports or activities something else may be going on.

Custom Orthotics - The custom orthotics you just received are built to match your foot type and to help improve your foot function during ambulation. Please follow these recommended instructions in order to maximize the benefits and comfort of your new orthotics.

Ingrown Toenail - Ingrown toenails are a common chronic painful condition that can be aggravated by certain shoes, pressure, or activities. Usually affecting the great toes, they can be caused by trauma, genetics, or a bad pair of shoes.

Chronic Achilles Tendon Pathology - The Achilles tendon is the most powerful tendon in the body, supporting nearly 4x your body weight during ambulation. The gastrocnemius and soleus calf muscles combine to form the Achilles tendon which then attach to the heel bone.

Summer Footcare - We are currently in the middle of a hot Texas summer. Follow these summer tips to help prevent common injuries and conditions that occur in the summer.

Does my Child Need Orthotics? - Children, ages 3 years and above, benefit from orthotics when there is an abnormal gait secondary to an underlying foot or leg deformity.

Plantar Warts - Plantar warts are common infectious skin lesions that can be present on the feet caused by a specific strain of Human Papilloma Virus (HPV). Plantar warts are non-cancerous and are NOT caused by the same HPV as genital warts. These lesions are more common in people under the age of 16, however, they can affect people of all ages.

Cartiva - The Cartiva implant is inserted in the great toe joint in a way that creates joint space, alleviating the bone on bone grinding and allows for easy pain free gliding of the joint.

Do You Have Nail Problems? - At the Foot & Ankle Center of Frisco our Doctors provide a comprehensive evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment to restore your nail to their natural condition. In order to effectively treat toenail disorders an accurate diagnosis must be made.

Acute/Chronic Ankle Sprain - The Foot & Ankle Center of Frisco uses a revolutionary new system that uses absorbable anchors and non-absorbable suture tape to recreate the lateral ankle ligaments.

Lapiplasty - The Lapiplasty by Treace is a three dimensional bunion correction procedure. This technique allows us to correct moderate to severe bunions in 3 planes creating a very strong and lasting correction.

Amniox Clarix - Regenerative medicine is the idea of giving the body the materials it needs to rebuild damaged tissue.

Athletic Training - Injuries resulting from over training are usually treated by providing pain relief, icing, stretching, good supportive shoes, orthotics, and activity modification.

 Diabetic Foot Care Checklist - Use this checklist help you remember daily foot care.

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